Nick Mulvaney


Hello and welcome to Chicago City Soccer Club.

My name is Nicholas Patrick Mulvaney. I am from Dublin, Ireland where my family still resides. At the age of 18 yrs I was very fortunate to attain a soccer scholarship in the USA with NAIA powerhouse William Carey University. I played four years with WCU captaining my Junior and Senior years to then join the coaching staff as Varsity Assistant Coach and JV Head Coach. I enjoyed playing and coaching at a high level in Atlanta, New Orleans, Chicago, and London, England before deciding to return to Chicago to finally settle and find ways to create the same opportunities for the youth in our city. 

In 2011, I was appointed the Director of Coaching for Chicago Lakefront Attack SC and as I began thinking of how I could implement my ideas, it became apparent right away – we needed to be an organization for the whole City of Chicago and provide opportunities for all kids to play the beautiful game. July 2012 Chicago City Soccer Club was born.

When we launched in 2013, our message was clear, we would be the Club for the City. We were going to do things differently. With only 8 teams at the time and two much bigger and more established clubs in the area, we set out to only focus on what we believed long term development looked like. From players, coaches, and parents on and off the field education and development, we set out to create a culture and environment like no other. Within our first 2 years we were awarded the first, and still the only Illinois Youth Soccer 5 Star Award in the City of Chicago.

As we continue to grow, evolve, and innovate within the industry, we look to ensure we are creating unique opportunities for all ages, levels, and abilities for our youth in our city and beyond. Through sport I have been very lucky to have been part of some amazing teams, and I truly believe sport is one of the best teachers in life. It builds a strong character, a sense of belonging, and a support system like no other with your teammates. I thank football for the amazing opportunities, friendships, and hardships that have helped me become the man I am today, and so it is my goal in life to provide a platform for our youth.

To make that happen it was key for me to bring in the right people who were on the same page. People who were not only passionate about the game, but had a true care and investment in our community. We began to build an incredible team of coaches at City, and to be able to say they are still with us, shows their true character and belief in what we are creating here in the City. Some influential people have moved on due to relocating or advancements in their careers, but the core of our staff is still with us today. Along the way we have added some exceptional additions who fit in very well to the City Culture, and we are always excited to bring in the next generation too. Please take the time to visit their bio’s to learn more about who will be overseeing your child’s soccer development on and off the field.

When I began creating the idea of Chicago City Soccer Club it was important to me that I was not only forming a youth soccer club who focused on winning but that I was creating an institution where the children in our city play soccer with the highest level of sportsmanship showcasing our true values and beliefs of doing everything the right way. It was essential to me that everyone associated with our brand would show quality in all areas of their life and respect everyone they encountered. We believe we have established that reputation and we will continue to strive for excellence each and every day.

Thank you for your continued support.

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