Ben Galvez


The path(s) that life takes you down are nothing short of unpredictable and, when in retrospect, fascinating.  My path, the miles already traveled and the City miles still ahead of me, are no exception to the rule!

Before I was afforded an opinion, my father had laid out the foundation for what would become the greatest love of my life, soccer.  Countless hours were spent between father, son, a soccer ball, and dreams of a life revolving around the beautiful game.  It was his good fortune that his passion for the game was mirrored, and ultimately surpassed, by my own.

Once my Belizean parents realized my obsession with the sport, they fostered my interest and got me involved in Lakefront AYSO, which quickly led to my first experiences in travel soccer.  Chicago Attack, Chicago Lakefront-Attack, Ecuadorian Leagues, Mexican Leagues, Carribean Leagues, and the Polish National Alliance (PNA) Patriots all comprise various teams and leagues I played for in the Chicagoland area during my youth.  If my love for the sport itself wasn’t enough, my appreciation for the cultures that the universal language of soccer afforded me exposure to was enough to convince me that this sport was to be in my future at any cost.

After graduating from Lane Tech High School, my father pushed me to follow another pair of passions I had, English/the study of literature, and teaching.  Thankfully, I was exposed to yet another culture through my studies and play, as I chose the University of Nebraska – Lincoln for my higher education.  With this in mind, and entering my final two years of undergrad, I was at a crossroads as the demands of my program and student teaching disallowed me from continuing to follow my first and greatest love.

It was a heartbreaking decision, but with the input of my parents I decided to stop playing and focus on my studies.  As it tends to happen, my parents were absolutely correct in their assessment as the combination of my teaching background and love for soccer ultimately led me into coaching.  I’ve coached around various organizations and schools in the Chicagoland area, serving from roles as low as part-time coach to as high as Technical Director.

My greatest motivator is to give back to the communities in which I was raised, and that shared goal is what drew me to CCSC.  CCSC’s dedication to their membership, staff excellence, and the communities they serve, are entities I could not endure nor pass up when deciding where to dedicate my time, energy, and potential.  Though I’m no where close to reaching the end of my path, I look forward to embarking down the countless City miles that are ahead of me still!

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